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Asian weddings are very different from western style weddings in many ways.   Often, they last several days so I adapt my pricing to your situation, get in touch to receive a bespoke quote. 

I don’t offer videography, I stick to what I am good at but I am happy to  recommend professional videographers and various other wedding vendors.

Dear Alix, we were very  glad to have you as our photographer for various reasons. Firstly, you were recommended by our dear friend, Pooja. When we met you, we immediately felt at ease. You quickly understood that we were both quite shy in front of the camera and helped us get comfortable for the shots. You are  both very pleasant to talk to, as well as understanding the pressure of being the bride and the groom. Our day was quite long and hectic, but you still managed to capture the moments beautifully. We really liked the photographs and would be happy to recommend you to our friends. Thank you so much for capturing our special day

Rashi & Anuj xx

Muslim Weddings – Mehendi, Nikah and Walima

Being a woman is a great advantage as I can be with you and the women at the Mehndi party and also from preparations, to the mosque and afterwards. The only thing to be sensitive about is whether to take photos of the women without their scarves as you wouldn’t be able to post online, but you can have them on your CD. It’s something we can talk about. I learned Arabic in a Madrassa- I forgot most of it sadly but could still ask my way when I shot a wedding in Morocco last September. I am happy to travel to your venue in the UK and abroad.

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The whole experience with Alix has been simple, and based on trust. During a busy period where things can get difficult with different wedding suppliers, Alix ensured that our experience was hassle free. Meetings prior to the event were informative.  It was useful to see photo albums and images of previous work, this was the main factor in helping to decide who to choose.Alix’s approach was very different to what we had experienced previously. She took plenty of excellent natural shots along with posed shots without being demanding or dictating during the event.

Pratik & Nehru

Buddhist Weddings

While I feel close to the values of Buddhism, I have never had the chance to photograph Buddhist wedding ceremonies but I would really love lto. I followed Buddhist monks for a week while they patiently made a mandala which they blessed and carried over  to the Soar River in Leicester to spread peace throughout the world as waters eventually mix together.  If you’re planning a Buddhist wedding, please get in touch ans I’d be more than happy to be extra flexible in order to have that chance. 

Baha’i Weddings

I recently shot a Baha’i ceremony and was touched by it’s simplicity and how welcoming and open to all regardless of faith the Baha’i community was. Mum lead the ceremony and it was accompanied by some Farsi chanting translated so we could all follow. 

 Hindu Weddings – From the Sagai to the Vidai

Are you looking for a photographer who understands the rituals and therefore knows what’s going to happen next so as to not miss anything, yet shoots naturally, with photos that feel fresh, modern, relaxed, as well as the group shots and some different couple images? Having married a Chouhan, I know the culture, but don’t shoot like an everyday Asian photographer.  I capture your day, with all our rituals- whether a whole day ritual up to the visit to the groom’s parent’s house or a 30 min blessing, but I  also capture your personality, Ba’s tears, the kids playing in the corner, the shoe disappearing. When you see the photos, you’ll discover things you hadn’t realised were happening but you’ll also feel the emotions again. Yes I do the group shots too, I know they are important. And for the couple shots we’ll chat about what you like, what you are comfortable with etc. I can photograph the Sagai, Vidhi and Mendhi party as part of the wedding package or as  one offs. I am also very happy to go to India or anywhere else to shoot your wedding.

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Alix is a wonderful, passionate and lovely photographer. She won’t give up until she has the shot she was after. Her pictures are unique. She captures the most beautiful moments in the most natural way. We’re really grateful we came across Alix and her talent.

Sajal & Nimesh

Sikh Weddings

I am going to be totally honest and say that while I’ve visited Gurdwaras before and I have read up on Sikhism and love the values of peace and service that underpin the religion. I’ve never shot a Sikh wedding. But.. I’d love to! So if you’re planning a Sikh wedding, please get in touch, I’d be very happy to find a way to make it happen.


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