Birth Photographer in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby:

Photographing the labour, birth and first moments of your new baby


Why do this? Because it’s a miracle!

Because it’s incredible and in the midst of it you can’t take it in and it’s the most incredible adventure. You won’t regret having the photos, I promise you!


Photography the Miracle of Birth!

Labour is not a fun time, and birth can be messy so why should you reveal yourself so deeply to a stranger? Well because it’s worth it. And we don’t stay strangers for long! We meet first anyway to see if we’re comfortable with each other. When I get to you, you’ll be around 5-7 cm dilated – depending if it’s your first child or another one-  and I’ll be with you, support you, massage you, feed you chocolate and do whatever it takes to help in any way I can. I’m not a doula but I’ve been told I could be by a midwife at a recent birth in Nottingham City Hospital. I record the relationship between you, the love , the pain, the support, the powerlessness, the joy, the relief, the ecstasy of holding your baby at last.

Why capture this messy time? Because it’s a miracle! and also because you tend to miss most of it, you’re in it, inside yourself, focused on one thing: getting the baby out.

The way your partner supports you, the love between you, the first cry, the way the baby feels at home on your skin and cries when taken away, the way they recognise daddy’s voice. All that is usually beyond our comprehension at the time, it gets all mushy in our heads, hard to remember much.

Birth photography is a real adventure, totally worth it! I have a stand-by photographer just in case I can’t make it to you, it’s someone I know and trust. I have my bags ready 3 weeks before your due date. I’m on call day and night for around 5 weeks- 3 weeks before, up to 2 weeks after. I will stay with you up to the birth- or call the stand in photographer if I really can’t be excused. I’ll explain more when we talk or meet.

As it does last several hours and that I need to be on call for up to 5 weeks, the price is £600 with all digital files. 

Birth Photographer in Nottingham- click on the photo to see the blog

I had done my maternity shoot with Alix but when she suggested photographing the birth, I was taken aback. Actually she was an excellent birth partner and I was glad to have her with my husband and I. I never realised how much he’d be worried and cared and looked after me. Seeing how much he’d been for me there even though I wasn’t really aware of him at the time made me cry. Of course there are also the first breaths of my son, which are just amazing memories. I recommend having a birth photographer and Alix is really amazing.


Birth Photographer in Leicester –  click on the photo to see the blog

Fresh 48


It’s a concept I’ve come across recently. It’s photos form the first 48 hours, even in hospital.

Yes the baby might have peeling skin, but these minutes, hours and first few days go so fast. It’s not posed, reportage style, it’s capturing these “getting to know you” moments, when you’re still dazed from it all and can’t quite believe you made such a perfect person.

TIPS: you let me know when you’re due and when you give birth and I’ll come as soon as I can.


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