It’s a cliche, but they do grow up very fast!

Thankfully you have photos to keep your memories fresh, it’s so easy to forget..

But what about you? if it’s always you taking them, what memories will your kids have of you?


I have never felt very comfortable in front of a camera and never know what to do with myself, but this session allowed all of us to look very natural, as we were just playing together rather than posing! The children never got bored for a second as the session is so well paced and the activities so varied – in fact they really loved it and didn’t want it to end!

Caroline B

 Family Photography

A family photoshoot is more than creating memories, it’s first a really good quality family time! It’s fun, it’s playing games together, singing songs, evoking memories, speaking to each other, in ways we don’t take time for in daily life.  You don’t have to think of anything, just enjoy!

All your relationships deserve celebrating. So here are some photoshoots you might want::

  • siblings,
  • mum and me,
  • dad and me,
  • family,
  • generations, 
  • best friends- they’re like family, aren’t they?



Kids like to play, or to sulk, or to pull faces.. that’s fine with me, I aim to capture them as they are, and have fun with them if they’re willing. From summer camp leader to primary teacher, I’ve always enjoyed a good rapport with little ones. I am happy to let them be themselves, to witness their spirit, their daydreaming, their sense of humour, inner lives..

So I don’t pose them, I don’t tell them to smile at the camera, you don’t have to worry or stress. I suggest games and things to do but it’s up to them, if they’d rather go and play ball for a while or enjoy the playground, it’s their time too. Recently one little boy asked me when he had to pose.. that was after thes session had ended!

Alix came to our house a few weeks ago for a beloved session and we all had so much fun!  The two hours or so which the photo shoot lasted absolutely flew by.  For me, the biggest draw of the beloved photo shoot is the fact that you completely forget a photographer is taking photos of you and instead, you are just having fun with your loved ones

Sean L.


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