Natural Family Photography 

Quality time spent with loved ones and beautiful photos keeping the memories alive, in frames and albums

No posing, no awkwardness: just the best of you.

You know the special smile he has just for you? The way the kids giggle together? The way you melt when you see how good a parent your spouse is to your kids? 

I  capture all that and give them memories of you too, especially if you’re always the one behind the camera!

I invite you all to play games, share memories, be silly, connect. The focus is on you having a fabulous time together and the photos capture that beautifully, whether it’s with your sister, your mum, your kids or your best friends. 




It was so much fun, the kids loved it and when Alex decided he didn’t want to play your games but wanted his ball you captured that and he was happy again. The kids absolutely loved being in the centre too, it was quite moving actually. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to do that again!


Fitting with you.

If one child doesn’t want to play, that’s fine, if they sulk and would prefer to play football or go on the swings, that’s fine. I capture that. There is no posing, no having to smile at the camera, no having to police, no boredom. I prepare games and ideas and the session evolves to fit you and yours.

You just rest and enjoy seeing your kids have fun, having quality time with your family, feeling connected, and getting beautiful photos of all of you, connected, loving, happy.





Ideas, images and information on specific photoshoot sessions:



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  • Children and Family: from 2 to … many people!    Mum and me: for Mothers’ day or any day.   Dad and me: a boys’ day out

       Siblings: sisters, brothers, that says it all.

       Generations: celebrating lives and loves

  • Best Friends: celebrating the family we choose for ourselves.


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