Maternity Photography:

Photographing you at your biggest and most glorious!


Why do this? Because it’s awe-some!

Because these are very rare moments, that go very fast and that we are programmed to forget! And they are beautiful, miraculous, sacred moments. 


 Maternity Photoshoot

I don’t know about you  but it felt sacred carrying my babies. I mean giving life is awesome, isn’it? Yes there are side effects but it’s so worth celebrating!

It’s also a special time in your relationship, the transition time between couple and family if it’s the first child, or the last times you have with your family as you know it, before that little one is going to change your world.

Both the relationships and the expectations are beautiful to capture. There are several ways to do it, from very posed, studio-like, to totally reportage and Beloved in between. See here for the explanation of different styles, which of course can be all mixed to suit you.

Tips book for 8 months and a half; we talk about outfits, props and location, about style(s) and off we go..

Alix has been taking photos of us since our engagement, she shot our wedding and my baby shower. A maternity shoot was a way to celebrate us becoming a family, how our love had literally brought a new life to being. We#’d planned to take photos outdoors but the weather was too bad so she improvised a shoot indoors in our little flat. We played with different styles and I love the moodiness and intimacy of the images.


I can shoot your baby shower too!


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