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Why a page for multicultural – also called fusion weddings? Any wedding is a tapestry of two personalities but in a fusion wedding, the weaving is richer and colourful but more delicate too.

Having had one such wedding myself, I understand the subtleties of welcoming the families and the creativity involved in making your day a unique celebration of both you and your families.


We cannot recommend Alix enough, she combines exceptional photography skills, with a wonderfully calm, warm and creative personality. She personalised her service to fit with our aspirations for the day, and made suggestions that only added to the wonderful day. She has provided us with wonderful images of our special guests, (and us!) to keep forever. A bit like MasterCard – Priceless !

Thank you Alix !

Katie and Darron

How to go about a Fusion Wedding?

It will be as unique as you are and extra special. Each couple chooses how to integrate elements of their family traditions, in the rituals, the decors, the food etc.

Some couples have different days devoted to each culture, sometimes in different country. Other couples have different moments in the day or create a multi-faith or multi-cultural ceremony sometimes with the help of one or more celebrants.

Do get in touch to  discuss your wedding. I’d be happy to help with ideas, vendors and lending things I have.

Any Question? Get in Touch!

 What is a Fusion Wedding?

It is a wedding where different cultures or faiths mix. So far, I’ve photographed weddings with Chinese-British, Gujarati-British, Bengali-British, Pakistani-Granadian,  Italian-British, (quite a few) Irish-British, Sri-lankan-British, Mozambican-Malawian, Swedish-Moldavian, Bengali-Gujarati, Dutch-British, Moroccan-British, Jamaican-British, South-African-British, Macedonian-British, German-British, Canadian-British, Australian-British, Polish-British and American-British couples.

In terms of faith mixes, I’ve captured a Muslim-Baha’i wedding, some weddings with Hindu rituals from different countries along the registry ceremony, and a multi-faith wedding.

My own wedding was a French-Gujarati one, with Christian readings, Hindu knotting, Druidic rituals and American Indian details.. Just because we liked them.


We selected Alix for our Windsor and Moroccan weddings and could not have wished to have met such a great person and such a great photographer. The photography itself was fantastically framed and vibrant in sharpness and colour, Alix made sure we had pictures of all our guests. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone requiring a great photographer for their event or any other photography which they require. (Read complete text here)

Rob & Amel


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