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So many changes so fast..


Each stage feels like it lasts forever, when actually it’s a matter of days, weeks, or at most months.

Have lots of memories of them, write down what they do, say, especially if it’s not the only one, we get mixed up and forget.


Newborn photography is done between 5 and 10 days old, so needs booking around 7-8 months. When they are so young, they are still flexible and bendable and sleep a lot, so they will take very cute poses, although I keep “my” babies natural and don’t make them hold their chin- which they can’t actually do so it’s a trick..

I do love cloths and textures but aim for a sober look, not too many props etc as I believe they will date quite fast. I am happy to use your blankets, hats, toys. etc as much as I can and include elements of reportage to show you and your baby at home. I can make it all reportage, and also use it as a Beloved session.

Babies need a warm environment,  so we need to be too hot. I need enough space to work and ideally enough light too. I prefer using natural light with little ones, rather than flashes but can do if there is no other option and there is space.  Get in touch so we can discuss what you want and what is possible where: your house or mine.


Babies are fab and grow so fast!

As early as 10-12 days old, it’s possible to have photos of them more awake, nearly engaging, and less pliable but just as cute and delicate. So if you have “missed” the newborn stage, don’t worry, each day is different and worth taking photos!

In the first year I’d recommend 3 phases: the very little one, when they are sitting up, and when they start toddling. Having photos of these three phases will sum up the whole year for you.

After that, make sure you have a proper photography session at least once a year, if not at each season. After all seeing them playing in summer in a paddling pool, in the autumn leaves and making little snow balls will bring different kinds of memories.


Alix came to out house and captured Clementine with window light. She was patient and captured a wide range of expressions and details. These first few weeks are a blur in my mind and I am so glad to have these photos. Alix came back a few weeks later and the change is already incredible.



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