Big and small, spreading reminders of your loved ones, your special moments throughout the house is a constant trickle of happiness. Each glance takes you back, remind you of the emotions, of the moment, of how people were at that time.

There are also many other options. I’m showing my favourites here. I like them because they are timeless don’t require additional dusting- do you like dusting?- and most of them don’t have distracting reflections.


Traditional Frames

There are of course the traditional frames, for single images and for montages of several photos that go together.


Block Mounts

The frame gives a sense of space and highlights the image that seems to float slightly. They are similar to canvasses only better.

block mount

Acrylic Prints and Boxes

Acrylic prints and frames are super luminous, they give your images depth, clarity and vibrancy. acrylic box

Box Frames

 Slightly set in, there is no gap between the frame and the image unlike the framed block mount. They work well in threes and fours. 

box frames

Aluminium prints

As luminous and vibrant as acrylic prints, extra slim and come in a matt and gloss finishes.

aluminium prints

You Decide

Whichever frame you choose I can show you what your images would look like in different lay outs or finishes.

baby photography

 Acrylic Blocks

I love them but without the “nails” they sometimes have. So luminous you can dive in.

desk acrylic block

Small Metal Prints 

The vibrancy, lightness and slimness -is this a word? of the metal prints but with you while you work.

metal desk photos

Wooden Panels

With a rustic, vintage feel, the wood gives your images a warmth that takes you out on a summer evening.

vintage wooden images

So no excuse for leaving your images be forgotten on a disk drive. Plunge into memories with beautiful albums and frames. 

To see the whole range, please click here. I  also work with other suppliers like Folio, Loxley, Graphistudio etc. 


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