2015 has been the year I focused on fun, natural portrait photography in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. I did a wonderful training as a Beloved photographer. It totally suits my approach to life, people and photography. I don’t like fake, except if we’re having fun posing, pretending, creating something fun or artistic. Normally I like natural. Because most photos are memories and I want these to be real.

When someone passes away or simply grows up, we want the photos that show their expressions, when we can still hear their giggle, the sound of their voice, not polished images that might look more magazine-like but are emptier in my eyes.

I normally shoot family portraits in Leicestershire,  Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire but have also shot further afield, so if you want beautiful, fun, emotional photos of them and all your loved ones, please give me a call on  07763064497


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