Why have a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

I started offering pre-wedding shoots after one bride was so nervous she asked me not to take photos!

If you find it hard to be the centre of attention and be confident in front of the camera, you’ll welcome the opportunity to do so at a pre-wedding photoshoot, where you get to be natural in the unnatural situation of having a camera pointed at you, without guests

I get to know you and what you like and what you don’t like. I start to understand how you show your love to each other, what you are comfortable with or not. We discuss ideas and on the day you’ll see me as a friend, not just a photographer.

What will we do?

The session is about focusing on each other rather than on the camera. I invite you to share memories, play games, focus on each other, be silly etc so gradually you relax and just feel the love you have for each other, not worrying about posing or the camera, it’s just about your relationship.  A Beloved session doesn’t just give you photos, but also some fun and beautiful quality time,  you get to connect deeply and come out feeling all loved up.

 My couples have said that the sessions not only help them relax in front of the camera but make them feel closer and more connected. We can incorporate a theme and props if you want to, but natural is fine too. I’ll help you with clothes and location.

Beloved was a new experience. I was a bit shy to start with but we quickly got into it and forgot about Alix while really focusing on the emotions between is. It’s unlike any other photoshoot and I highly recommend it.


Proposals, Love-the dress, Anniversaries, Valentines…

Photoshoots can celebrate Love at any time of your lives, whether to wear the dress again, to love it or “trash” it in water, with paint, climbing; or to take time out of busy lives and refocus on each other, remember what drew you together, what you have shared, what dreams you have, have fun together and make more loving memories.

Proposals are very exciting to plan as we can’t spoil the surprise but I’ll be your ally and hide away, ready to come out at the crucial moment!


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