Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding with Arabic Influences

Lisa and Hashim are well suited to each other and familiar with many cultures, having met in Canada and lived in several countries. They wanted to marry a classic venue and ceremony with their own tastes. They didn’t want a dancing party, some of their guests had come a long way and they wanted to spend time with them, chatting and making the most of them. They did have a great time without the dance. 

Stoke Rochford Hall is a fabulous venue with extensive grounds. It has many beautiful rooms including an orangerie and a fantastic staircase. 

The music was first a classical ensemble then an oud player. I must say I’d never heard an oud but it is soft and harmonious. I like Arabic culture and enjoyed discovering this music. I also enjoyed the Arabic sweets that were offered as well as the Western ones as I was lucky enough to eat with the guests. 


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