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A themed photoshoot: Classical paintings

A themed photoshoot is the opportunity to be really creative as a photographer and explore ideas, styles etc, so when a client comes with an idea or is open to trying something new, I jump at the chance.

Walker struck me as a renaissance painting, she reminded me of my favourite painter, Botticelli, and I wanted to give her portraits a Botticelli feel. Her features and colouring helped, but so did her clothes and the way she posed. The rest was done post-processing.

Doesn’t her smile remind you of a Madonna? 

I like how she mixes classic beauty and modern vivacity. 

As I said, I had in mind portraits by Botticelli and also some Flemish Renaissance painters, but as she sat by the water, some images of British Romantic painters came to mind also, not quite Ophelia, but not far, what do you think? I am far less knowledgeable about British painters I’m afraid.  So much to learn.. 

I have done vintage themed photoshoots too and am always open to creative ideas, as well as capturing emotional, natural photographs to make time stand still. Let me know how you’d like to see yourself and/ or the ones you love. I look forward to hearing from you. Alix 07763064497


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