A wocker photoshoot in the Outwoods

A wocker photoshoot in the Outwoods

What is a wocker? Well it looks like a labrador puppy, but in fact he’s a small dog, he’s a Westie (West Highland Terrier)  crossed with a cocker spaniel. In any case, it’s super cute!

This little guy is three years old, his coat comes from the Westie, but he also has the cleverness and stamina of the cocker spaniel.  He walked tirelessly, had his own take about the poses we had in mind- some he liked, some he didn’t, which is fair enough really.

He had had quite a lot of tummy troubles and got very fond of.. carrots. I was surprised. But the Outwoods proved so exciting that no treat was that tempting on that day. There was much to sniff and explore.

He still gave us some beautiful poses and images. He was very good at giving paw and doing high fives and understood how to peek from underneath a log.

Of course a white dog in the mud gets muddy,  but that’s part of walking the dog, so nothing to worry about. He wasn’t too keen to get into the water but agreed to come and explore the area without getting his paws wet.

Photos  of the dog with you are one way to show their love for you. And get treats.

a wocker photoshoot in the Outwoods a wocker photoshoot in the Outwoods giving paw a wocker photoshoot in the Outwoodsa wocker photoshoot in the Outwoods playing hide and seek

What a clever boy he was, playing peek a boo with me. I love how the log and stone frame his little face. It was such a joy to walk with him.

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And if you would like a dog photoshoot in the Outwoods or other places in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, I’d love to meet both of you.