bride arriving at Beaumanor Hall for art deco wedding in vintage car

Art Deco Wedding Ideas at Beaumanor Hall

Art Deco Wedding Ideas

This couple had so many creative ideas that I wanted to do a blog, not on their weddings but on their art deco wedding ideas to inspire other brides to be.

They chose a royal blue as the main colour, which was echoes in a peacock theme throughout the venue- with stuffed peacocks and feathers. I love the design of the order of service, isn’t that peacock fabulous?

The boutonnieres and bouquets had feathers in them and the brides’ hair clip was in the shape of a feather too.

Her dress had wonderful details and seemed very light because of the sheer transparency of some of the material. Suits were royal blue.

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Megan’s hair and make up were fantastic and so fitting of her theme. She looked just fabulous.

I took that photo from outside when they were eating and like the detail it shows.

Megan is really fond of vintage cars and has her own, which was part of the wedding of course.

They hired vases, lights and decors to pursue the art deco wedding theme. The cake was decorated to match the bouquets

The confetti cornets were so cute and dried flowers made it even more vintage. 

The tall vases stood up literally and complemented the theme beautifully as the house is big and has tall ceilings a good size was needed.

I love the shadows the lights created. Some of the decorations were hand made too

They hired a gramophone and many details as well as having the photos of their families thoughrough the ages. 

They had vintage table games to keep the guests occupied during the receiving line. And outside, it was a real funfair. Everybody enjoyed it, not just the children. 

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The bridesmaids found the grass a bit too supple as it had rained and just took off their shoes. I love their dresses, very vintage and graceful.

They even had a wedding singer, dressed up for the area and singing songs of that time too.

To see the YouTube virtual album of the wedding, please click here

Some of their suppliers:

The venue is Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire, near Loughborough, Quorn and Woodhouse Eaves.

Flowers by in Loughborough
Wedding prop hire – Jade –
Wedding fete hire – Tilly –

 If you’re looking for a portrait or wedin gphotographer for Beaumanor Hall or other Leicestershir wedding venues, do get in touch on 07763064497. Thank you


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