Big family photoshoot Leicester

Big family photoshoot Leicester

When there is a big birthday to celebrate, this lovely Scottish family goes on a holiday and makes the most of it, what a fantastic idea! it means the birthday lasts a while and everyone gets to enjoy it. Perfect. This photoshoot was extra special, read on, I promise you, it’s beautiful

They wanted to remember the occasion with a photoshoot that captured everyone, as well as families, couples, kids, in a mix of totally natural shots with some groups. The way of getting the groups to still feel natural is to encourage people to interact so even if they don’t look at the camera, their reactions are expressions you recognize rather than their polite smile for a stranger- me.

What was really special on that day is what the photos did.

I started with the kids interacting, with some individual shots etc and found one of the kids was having a tough time. Many people don’t like their photo taken and teenage years can be full of anguish. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to ignore her or force her either. Her brother just said come on, smile, it’s for gran. So she smiled. And her face lit up, she was truly beautiful, sparkly green eyes, a little dimple, such a beautiful face, so different from one minute to the next.

I told her so. I mean I don’t lie but if I have the opportunity to pay someone a real compliment I don’t want to miss it. I told her how I saw her lit up, how beautiful her smile is. She seemed to take it in, a bit.

I then did some photos of the couples and shared what I’d seen of this lovely girl. They knew she didn’t always like herself and their love was heartwarming.

Towards the end of the session, gran said she wanted a photo just with her, and again, she lit up. Another uncle said the same thing, and she shone. I was told that when she saw the photos she put the photos of herself and her uncle as her screensaver. I’m so happy she can see and love how uniquely beautiful and loveable she is.

It is said that kids who grow up with photos of themselves around the house have a better self-esteem. I’d say that photos that capture not only beauty but love are sure to warm the heart every time we seem them. I’m very privileged to have contributed to her smiling. May she smile a lot more

Big family photoshoot leicesterBig family photoshoot leicesterBig family photoshoot leicesterBig family photoshoot leicesterBig family photoshoot leicester

It’s so lovely to see her smile! if you want to celebrate a big birthday or just family time, give me a call! thank you