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Doulas for before, during and after the birth.

Doulas are different from midwives, they are not medical professionals, they are there to support you and be your advocate, they are trained birth companions.

Fernanda is a birth and postnatal doula based in Loughborough-  Melissa covers all of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and offers several services pre-birth, during birth and post birth. She has a really helpful blog too.  Tracey is a postnatal doula in Nottingham, she also assists with sleep.

You can find other doulas here.

What does a birth doula do?
  • A birth doula provides support, unbiased information and continuity of care for you and your birth partner.
  • Your relationship with a doula ideally begins in the antenatal period, usually through at least two sessions to get to know one another and find out how she can best support you.
  • A doula will assist your and your birth partner in the preparation for birth and in working out your birth preferences.
  • A doula will be on call for you 24/7 usually from two weeks before your due date and until your baby is born.
  • During labour a doula provides emotional, practical and physical support. A doula can suggest comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, movement and positions. She can offer information and support so that the labouring woman and her birth partner can make informed decisions. The continuous presence and reassurance of a doula can make a positive difference during child birth and the benefits of having a doula have been shown in various research studies.
  • A doula will stay with you throughout the duration of labour and birth and until after your baby is born and you are all happy and settled.
  • After the birth, a doula will do at least one postnatal visit to talk about the birth, help with infant feeding and offer any support you may need in those early days.

She does not:

  • A birth doula does not have a medical role.
  • She does not give medical advice or undertake examinations.
  • She cannot make decisions for you.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

  • According to recent research having the continuous support of a doula during labour and birth may:
    • Increase a woman’s chances of a normal vaginal birth
    • Decrease the likelihood of her needing pain medications
    • Decrease her chances of having a caesarean birth
    • Increase her satisfaction with the birth experience
    • Decrease the likelihood of low five-minute Apgar scores in the baby
What about a postnatal doula?
  • What does a postnatal doula do?
    • A postnatal doula supports the family in the first few months after the birth of the baby.
    • This support can take many forms depending on the particular family’s needs.

    What a postnatal doula does not do

    • A postnatal doula does not take care of the baby for you but supports you so that you can be the parent you want to be.

Pre- and Post-Natal fitness (and a lot more)

Joana Helcke was voted number one fitness professional of the year in 2017 and is amazing. She runs classes around Loughborough but also has an online website with week by week fitness routines and a lot more. The first two weeks- and a lot of the advice- are free. She also has a Fit Bump Box which helps with the exercises.


Hypnobirthing can help you have an easy birth. Really, I photographed the easiest birth ever, no pain, baby just came out- she pushed but didn’t feel pain- the placenta slid out , and baby latched on , it was magical. I was slightly jealous.

Hypnobirting in LoughboroughHypnobirthing in Nottingham


The Diary of a Baby– D. Stern, is a great book to understand your newborn as he/she develops.


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