baby in suitcase photo by lumiere photography loughborough

Children photography in Leicestershire

Children photography in Leicestershire


Each age has its quirks and funny moments. at 8 months old, Georges was sitting up nicely but  he was easy to contain in a suitcase!  He couldn’t run away yet. It’s a great age to photograph babies, they have lots of expressions and personality, are quite happy generally- they eat solids so aren’t as hungry. Of course there is teething but that lasts so long it’s hard to avoid.

Georges was very curious about everything and of course put everything in his mouth, including the wild garlic growing around in this lovely woods. He pulled a few faces but was undeterred! We were lucky it was warm enough to be outside and even show some flesh, they are so cute, fold in the arm, soft shoulders, and they grow so fast, it’s great to capture all the details. I did some photos with the parents too.  they loved the interactions, the love between all of them. I really think that seeing your partner love your kids  with all their heart makes you love them even more, don’t you think? It’s very moving, “and to think we did this little fella”?

That’s another perk of being a children photographer: I get to coo, play  and immerse myself in all ages, so I don’t miss too much having little ones. And having teenagers is great too, really. I don’t often bring props but love using yours so the photos are much more personal to you, you can include objects that are significant to you or your family

If you’re looking for children photography, give me a call, thank you!

Alix x

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