A Very Chic Derbyshire Wedding Venue: Butterley Grange Mansion

I can’t wait to shoot a wedding at Butterely Grange!  I’ve just discovered this venue of a forthcoming wedding and I’m so excited I had to write this post and tell you!

If you’re looking for an exclusive Derbyshire wedding venue, have a look at Butterley Grange Mansion. With beautiful gardens and interesting details throughout including a bandstand for an outdoor wedding, an in-house wedding planner and award-winning chef you might just fall in love with it. In terms of wedding photography, it has a lot of potential for group and couple shots as well as being a lovely background for candids.

You and your guests (up to 100 sitting down, or 250 for the evening reception) have the sole occupancy of the venue, so no guest going to the wrong wedding in the same place- I’ve seen that elsewhere.
You also have a huge en-suite bedroom with a private terrace, and use of a swimming pool if you stay overnight. Fancy a post-wedding pool party? I know I would!

There is even a helicopter pad if you fancy flying in!

I’ve just discovered this venue this afternoon, to meet one of my brides-to-be and I couldn’t help but being nosey and shooting some images. I hope you enjoy it too.


 A Very Chic Derbyshire Wedding Venue: Butterley Grange Mansion gardens
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If you’re interested in finding out more about the wedding venue, call Jane on 01773 746 427 and about photographing your wedding, call me on 07763064497

Alix-  soon a Butterley Grange Wedding Photographer!

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