Your wedding photos are too important!

It’s not easy organising things at a distance and there is always the fear that it won’t go as you planned so go with someone you get to know here and whom trust to understand you so you know you will get the photos you want.

The photos are amazing

We selected Alix for our Windsor and Moroccan weddings and could not have wished to have met such a great person and such a great photographer. Alix blended so well into both functions that most of the time we didn’t even know where she was but when we saw the pictures it was clear that she was always right there in the thick of it, this really helped with keeping the shots natural and in many cases, pretty entertaining! The photography itself was fantastically framed and vibrant in sharpness and colour, Alix made sure we had pictures of all our guests. All in all we spent 4 days with Alix over the two functions and thoroughly enjoyed her company
Rob and Amel

Someone who literally speaks your language

Photography like everything else is cultural, it can be difficult to explain the style you like so book someone you trust to get what you like.

destination wedding photographer

destination wedding photographer

I’m French

I speak French, I also speak Spanish and some Italian so I can help translating and explaining.  Wherever you want to get married, I’ll be happy to go.


As I’m with you anyway, I tend to take some photos the day before and the day after too. It’s much more relaxed and we can take the time we want outside of the big day too.

wedding photographer leicestershire


Phone: 0776 3064 497
Destination Wedding Photographer France, Italy, Spain

We met Alix in England and had our pre-wedding shoot with her, it was so relaxed and we had such a lovely time we wanted her for our wedding in Spain. Her photos are very natural and the couple images were just a time for us to enjoy each other without the guests.

Paula and Carlos 

Paula and Carlos

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