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How to display your photos at home

How to display your photos at home

You love photos and have taken many, you had some professional photos done and you have the digital files, so now please don’t leave them to sleep on the computer.  Displaying them in your home give them space to breathe and stories to tell, it gives them the size they need to be seen for maximum effect. But where do you start?

First a few tips:

    • First look at the cover photo to give you an idea of sizes
    • Consider the colours in your home and pick photos that will complement your style. If you’re in love with some photos that would not look good, consider having them in black and white. Or in another room.
    • Have some consistency with the frames, so choose a style , a colour that all frames will have so there is a feeling of unity and congruence even if the photos are quite different.
  • Or, go for diversity and mix lots of styles and colours for an eclectic, joyful mix.
  • Keep the frames at the same distance apart to give the display some continuity.
  • Think of crops. Most photos come in a rectangular size so getting square wall art will involve cropping them. It’s fine for some photos, but not others, so either choose frames that will respect the original dimensions or choose photos that will bear the crop. Do check what the photos will look like when cropped. If they are professional photos, they will have a 3 by 2 ratio, so sizes without crop will be multiples of that: 6 by 4, 9 by 6, 12 by 8, 15 by 10, 18 by 12, 21 by 14  etc. Some cropping might not be a problem but be aware of it. This image from will give you an idea.

  • One solution to the problem above is to have frames that are quite a lot bigger than the photo and allow for the photo to keep its proportions, for example a rectangle photo in a square frame.
  • In terms of sizes, think what kind of frames suit your home, and whether you want the photos mounted, it will impact on the size of the photo.
  • Plan one section of your house at a time. It’s much harder to add to a wall, so plan a coherent display by tacking some paper cut outs on the wall and see what layout you like best. When you’re happy, fix the picture hangers  and take away the paper.
  • There are many products available apart from frames. Look around and see what works best for your home in terms of reflections, light etc. For example I wouldn’t have floating frames myself because I find them too fiddly to dust and I wouldn’t want the glass to have reflections and hide the photo so I would choose acrylic, metal , canvasses, a bamboo panel. See some of my favourites here
  • To have more than one photo, you don’t have to have more than one frame, you can create a multi-aperture frame that keep the photos of that moment together, like these photos of a newborn photoshoot.

  • For phone photos, you can only print them very small, so you could  hang them on a line within a frame, on vintage clipboards. If you want to put more time into the project, this wooden board heart collage is lovely ( click for instructions)   Or simply place them in a frame (click on image for details)


I’ve been talking about layouts because I can never choose just one photo. I find that having more than one of the same shoot makes the photos come alive and tell a story so I would always mix several photos. I also like collages of photos, because sometimes I don’t need to see them big, just a small image will take me back to the moment, and that way I have many more images to look at. This is also why I love albums, because I can’t choose only a few photos! and I like the story telling.

Here are some ideas of layouts. You will find other ideas and layouts on my pinterest board for display

Let me know if I can help you create a wall display of your photos, or if you want more photos to put up, with you in them!

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