I just received an email this morning, from one of my brides and it makes such a difference to feel appreciated and know the care I put in my work and actually how much I care about my clients is reciprocated..

“Hi Alix, Ca Va? I hope you had a great time en France! (I was shooting a wedding in the south of France) Thank you so much for the photos! We love them, as you say they are us!

Everyone who has seen them is really complimentary about them. There are some classics in there which I can’t wait to show people! A personal favourite is my two friends in the short dresses with her girl standing in front of their legs! The dancefloor ones are wicked.

You got some lovely photos of my Mum and Dad, I didn’t realise the number of emotions they experienced on the day. I really enjoyed looking at the photos of the day before I arrived, as I didn’t see any of that. I am still going through them and finding little surprises that I didn’t see before which is great! (you can’t see everything on the day, and it’s such a busy day, it goes in a haze, photos are great to give you not only memories but discoveries)

I know you weren’t keen on the group shots (I do them but don’t love them and it was a tricky location) but everyone who has seen them thinks they are really cool and funny! They are us as they are informal and silly 🙂

I also loved the YouTube album (what a great idea) and the CD cover – what a lovely surprise 🙂 I really wasn’t expecting that, thank my lucky stars the memory sticks hadn’t arrived!! (my CD covers feel too hand made so I am going onto USB sticks soon but will loose the personalisation … mm conundrum..)

Thank you for sharing our day with us and capturing the lovely memories. Quick question, how long do the photos stay on your website for as I can’t find some of the ones on the CD which are on the site but that might be because I missed them so want to be able to check when I have time next week. (Actually the galleries stay… for years, I hate to take them down!) xx Shailini”

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