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Candid wedding photography from 2 hours in Leicester, to several days,  in UK or overseas.

Love is love, whoever you are.

Documentary wedding photography

Capturing all the details, the emotions, the stories of your day unobtrusively so your photos will take you back to your day as it was, with all the feelings still intact. I am a natural wedding photographer because I want you to be relaxed, happy and enjoy your day the way you dreamt it.

Of course I will also take all the photos you and your guests ask for,  and bring my artistic training to only give you photos you will love.

Relaxed wedding photography

Photos of the bride and groom alone can be taken quickly  and at different times of day to fit with the flow of your day and make the most of your wedding venue and the weather on the day so you spend your time with your loved ones. Unposed so your expressions are natural, you will interpret my prompts and ideas to make them authentically you, focusing on each other rather than on the camera.

weddin gphotography leicester- bride and groom at the Priest house
wedding photography leicester- chinese couple at beacon hill at sunset

Creative wedding photography

My photos mix a documentary approach with a classical training that helps me spot how to capture the day in the most beautiful way and a sense of adventure to make your photos truly unique You will also get black and white photos for a timeless feeling, and some more journalistic but all flattering. I carefully craft the editing of your photos, deliver them very fast- usually within a week- so you don’t have to wait, and can look at them during your honeymoon.  I also design albums for you to relive your day as often as you want. I can make an online version for you to show and share your album with friends further away.


Wedding Photography

Transparent, flexible pricing. No pressure, ever.

. 2 hours £275 – which can be your pre-wedding photoshoot
£100 per hour after the first two.

You can pay a deposit and remainder or pay monthly as you prefer.

The price includes:

Photography; super fast editing so you can see your photos within a week,  a private, downloadable gallery with photos your can print and share; an app to see the photos on your phone; insurance and back up equipment. USB stick on request. Travel for one hour around Loughborough.


Engagement shoot as well as pre-wedding ceremonies like mehndi etc. offered at the same price or as a mini shoot with 5 photos for £125 or £275 for all the photos up to two hours.

Bespoke guest book, wedding album, parents albums, coffee table books, prints and frames available

Tips and recommendations

Free help and support, just ask. For FAQs, click here.

What is your photographic style and experience in shooting weddings?

My approach is natural so you remember your day as it was. I bring my professional training to capture candid photos in the best light and composition so they are beautiful to look at. I don’t show photos that unflattering or mock people, it’s easy to take silly faces but it’s not funny for the person involved and I want to be respectful of everyone’s feelings. I spent a lot of time looking at classical paintings and sometimes my photos have an air of these paintings.I also bring some lights so we can take more posed, well lit photos in certain locations or at night. If you want smoke bombs, I’d be happy to sue them in photos, and I am starting doing drone photography so I could bring it over if it is allowed and the weather permits.

My editing style is warm and vibrant rather than pastel. I also offer black and white photos when the moment seems more journalistic.

I have photographed weddings since 2013 so over 200, from small intimate ones with four people, big Asian weddings over 3 days, on beaches and in woods, castles and back gardens, in UK, Europe and Africa, and since the pandemic have been doing a lot more small weddings 2-3 hours, more locally in and around Loughborough and Leicester. I might have shot at your venue or not, in any case I will arrive early to look at it with fresh eyes on that particular day, season and weather. I like discovering new venues, but when shooting in the same venue I aim to photograph each wedding in a different way.

Wedding photos, wedding albums, what is included and when do I get it?

I will be taking the photos, editing and delivering your photos on a downloadable gallery that you can share with your friends and families. You can get an app to see the photos on your phone, and should you want the photos on a USB stick, you can request one.  I can’t tell you exactly how many photos you will recieve as it depends on the number of people, what is allowed- some vicars or registrars don’t allow photography during the ceremony- etc. All the photos are sorted and edited so you get the best ones, but don’t worry I err on the side of too many.

I don’t usually work with a second shooter. I found that they might be useful for an hour if you want the groom getting ready photos but otherwise I will be at the best place and time, they would have to work around me. If you would prefer a second shooter, I will hire one and do the editing myself so the photos keep the same style.

I have back up equipment and insurance should anything happen- It never has so far. Should I be unable to do your wedding, I will try my best to find a replacement in one of the groups I am part of. I cannot guarantee this 100% but you would be reimbursed of course. Travel is included up to an hour from Loughborough, so Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. For other areas like Birmingham, Wales etc, I’ll charge some mileage.

Photos are delivered within two weeks- often within two days so you don’t have to wait. Albums take two weeks once you have approved the design- we can talk about them later if you want.

You will get a contract that protects both of us. I ask you to provide me with a meal if I am shooting for over fours hours and while you and your guests are eating. I like to stay as close as possible to the action to not miss anything if possible.

Can I see testimonials and whole weddings?

Yes of course. I have all five star reviews on Google. I have whole albums on Youtube as you will want to see more than just the best shots of the day. I can also give you links to galleries my clients have allowed me to share.

What do I need to do if I am interested in booking you as my wedding photographer?

Please check my whole weddings so you know what to expect on the day, and like my style.Then get in touch so we can chat about what your ideas are, what you like and don’t like. you’re always welcome to pick my brain for vendors, timeline and ideas. We can meet up- you’re welcome to our home in Loughborough or we can meet elsewhere. Or chat on the phone, do a zoom call etc. Or just email, whatever is best for you and your timetable.

When you have an idea of your timeline, have a think of how many hours you want me with you to document your wedding. The full day is usually from bridal preparations to just after the first dance. You don’t have to know for sure how many hours you want to book, as you can always add more hours later or even on the day. When you book, I will send you a contract, invoice and information sheet. You can either pay a deposit and the remainder one month before the wedding or pay monthly as you prefer.

Check with the celebrant what they allow in terms of photos.

Make a list of the group photos you absolutely want and give the list to two people who have loud voices or are good at getting people together and know the guests. It’s quicker if they organise the groups. For the confetti, they can also organise people in two lines. On the day, you can have as many impromptu groups you want, I am happy for your guests to ask for photos of their families too.

If there are particular details or moments you want me to capture, let me know, but I capture your day as it evolves, making time for the two of you as well. I will suggest places, ideas, timings but you get to decide what you want to do. For example I might spot a beautiful sunset and have some lights that would make a great photo but you might prefer to have fun with your friends and that’s fine.

Are there wedding vendors you recommend?

Yes, I’ve met many wonderful people in the industry. Here are some of them:

Invites : Wedding tea towels

Flowers: Fleurs en FleurTineke

Catering: Thomas The CatererDimblebee Catering

Celebrant: Jo Clarke, My Perfect Ceremony

Bands: Rhythm Revellers

What are your best tips for a relaxed wedding day?

That’s a big subject and it’s highly subjective.

Personally I would say that if your guests have enough food, drinks and entertainment, they will be happy. It doesn’t have to be perfect or expensive. Food can be a hog roast, a fish and chips or pizza or burger van. People don’t come for the food. Just make sure you cater for vegetarians, vegans, and people with allergies. Games or activities that get people talking and doing things together are a good way to make people happy, table games and ceilidhs work very well for that reason.

You can make it totally yours and have all the things that make you happy, whether it is a bouncy castle, birds of prey, a May pole, archery, axe throwing, vintage games, a salsa lesson, a ceilidh, board games.. . all things I have seen at weddings.

Photography depends on light, Modern cameras are very sensitive, and I bring additional lighting but if you want a candlelit service the photos will be grainy. I will use my tools and experience to give you the best possible photos in any situation.

Smoke bombs can be great in wedding photos but need some careful preparation so the smoke goes the right way, not in front of you.

Sparklers are beautiful but not always easy to capture in photos, they need to be lit from the bottom and everyone needs probably three of them. If you are interested, we can talk about how to photograph this.

Table settings: one unconventional way is to not have places and let people sit where they want but if you want tables, a different way of letting people know where they are sitting is by alphabetical order so people don’t have to read through all the tables to find their names.

Speeches: is it better to give them before or after the meal? If it’s before, the guests are hungry, but the people giving speeches can relax; after the meal, people are happy to listen but the speakers have been stressing during their meal. As a compromise, you can have different ones in between courses so it gives people little breaks.

Confetti: make sure they are biodegradable, so dried petals are great. Rice hurts when thrown at you! Bubbles can work but the tiny bubble wands sold for weddings make tiny bubbles that don’t always work outside depending on the wind and if it’s a big bubble machine, the floor gets very sticky and slippery.

For  wedding cakes, you can have the traditional ones of course, with two decoration styles if you can’t agree! there can be a surprise inside with rainbow colours for example, naked cakes, cup cakes, a cheese tower.. I have many other ideas for bouquets, bridesmaids dresses, ceremony symbols and more, do pick my brain!

The main thing is to accept that day might not go to plan but that’s part of the adventure of life, enjoy all of it, the main thing is that you are marrying the One you love with all your heart, and that’s all that matters, the rest makes the day even better. That day is the start of a whole life together- even if you’ve been together a long time, we found it changed our relationship somehow.

Things I wouldn’t recommend: disposable cameras at my wedding were a waste of money- the flash is horrible and getting the photos printed was super expensive for may be 2 decent photos. People have phones that do a better job nowadays. But DO have a website where people can send the photos rather than you emailing people to collect them.

Receiving lines: I see guests waiting their turn to shake your hand, being hungry and the ones who have gone into the room are still hungry and eating all the bread on the table. You only get to say hi because you are aware everyone is waiting so it seems unsatisfactory for everyone.  I’d say it’s better to go round the tables when people are eating or socialising.

Some of my weddings

Kelham Hall Wedding Newark
Nikki and Guy

Goosedale wedding,
Zeena and Ross

Foxton Locks
Cleo and Aaron

Rushton Hall
Amo and Wallace

Isle of Man
Amy and Brian

What my clients say

"Having had photos done at our wedding celebration and again six years later with our new baby I can’t recommend Alix enough! On both occasions she captured such beautiful, natural images which we will treasure forever. She is also fantastic with furry family members!"

– Jenny Nelson

"So so happy with the photos Alix took at our wedding…in fact we can’t stop looking through them!"

– Aimee and Vijay

"Alix, we are so pleased that we chose you to be our wedding photographer. You captured our day so perfectly"

– David and Marie.

Alix has been a wedding photographer since 2013 and has photographed all sorts of weddings and ceremonies: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Yoga, Pagan, registry, in a whole range of venues. She has been married to Alkesh since 2008. Their wedding was a mix of different cultures and faiths, drawing from symbols and traditions that spoke to them personally and making their wedding inclusive of all the guests and true to them. Read more about her here.


Natural wedding photographer in Leicestershire, the Midlands, UK and abroad

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