Family photoshoot where nobody is bored

Have fun with your kids and your partner, see how much you all love each other, feel your heart melt a bit more. Forget the things you’d like to change about yourself, your kids will cherish these memories, just as you will The shoot is to have fun together, the photos are to take you back to these feelings.


When you see the photos, you realise that she photographed not only the face but also the soul of the subject. Alix has documented fun, loving moments with my family to relive and share.

Angelo Brazioli - Italy

Alix asked me questions about the children, what they liked to do and helped select a shoot location that worked with our family. She helped with many other decisions ahead of the shoot. On the day of the shoot, she was so happy, friendly, creative and competent. We all had a nice time romping around with her. On the way home, my 7 and 9-year old girls both said that they had a fun time. On a photo shoot! That's saying something. The photos were lovely and captured the energy and spirit of our children. Thank you so much Alix

Carolyn Ross - Elvaston castle, Derby

We had Alix for photos of our children, one of them being severely disabled. She was kind, calm and patient and got some great snaps of them together. Very quick at responding to enquiries making your wishes possible. Thank you Alix!

Nicola Granger - Loughborough

The children never got bored for a second as the session is so well paced and the activities so varied - in fact they really loved it and didn't want it to end! I would therefore definitely recommend doing a family photoshoot with Alix.

Sean Lander - Rearsby, Leicestershire

I have never felt very comfortable in front of a camera and never know what to do with myself, but this session allowed all of us to look very natural, as we were just playing together rather than posing, I completely forgot Alix was taking photos and instead, I just spent time having fun with my kids.

Caroline Belfie - Rearsby, leicestershire

Alix did us proud for our beautiful autumnal photo shoot.Our boys were not happy about having their taken but we're delighted we were outdoors and playing games. They really enjoyed themselves and wanted to do it again. None of it was forced, they were all smiles of laughter and this clearly shows. Our photos are so natural, yet they are picture perfect, fit for publication. We have a beautiful family and we really feel Alix captured the fun and love we share.

Gemma Harper - Loughborough

It didn’t feel a photo shoot. It felt like an afternoon stroll in the park. The location you recommended was amazing. The girls loved playing in the gardens and were at ease with you. I felt that your service was superb, the photo quality was amazing and you were just as excited as we were to see the results of the photo shoot!

Rakhee Solanki - Loughborough

Alix is a wonderful photographer, she captures not just amazing pictures but the mood as well. She has taken a few family photos for us and they are always of high quality. The fact that Alix is a people person helps as well, she seems to really understand what kind of pictures people want. Highly recommend!!

Anuraag Barois - Hare Krishna Temple, Watford


No rush, no pressure, no stress. If a child – or an adult – doesn’t want to play, or look at the camera,  they don’t have to. I bring games, ideas, surprises and follow the kids’ ideas too so everyone is happy.

Family portraits near Loughborough

Solo portraits in all photoshoots

natural sisters photoshoot loughborough

Sisters, mum and daughter, grandparents, best friends. You choose.


We go to your favourite location or I suggest some that are local to you in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and nearby.

Memories for you, and for them

Your kids keep changing  every week, then every month, every year.  They will love these memories too. So it’s important you are in the pictures. And you can show them to their girlfriends/boyfriends!

Bradgate Park family photoshoot leicester in autumn

Families from pregnancy, birth, babies up to big kids to remember each chapter.

  • The best light is one hour after sunrise or before sunset so it’s great if we can get it.
  • I’m happy to discover new places or suggest ones around here.
  • In terms of what to wear, choose the item with most colours and put all the clothes everyone will wear around it to see if they go together.
  • Yes you can bring changes of clothes, props, hats, games, a picnic, I welcome your ideas, let’s have fun!
  • The more you tell me about who’s there and what they like- especially the children, the more I can get play with them and get them to enjoy it. I can bring toys etc.
  • My focus will be the kids being happy so don’t stress, the aim is for all of you to have a great time. Just tell them we’ll play games.
  • The session will last between 1 and 2 hours- longer for newborns who have their own timing.


If, like me, you hate to choose, all the photos come at £269 on a USB and on a gallery you can share. You get 50+ photos, sometimes a lot more. If you just want a quick shoot and 5 digital photos, it’s £125. I love albums and can show you several ones I can make for you or I can recommend some if you want to make them yourself, just don’t leave the photos on the computer please!


Phone: 0776 3064 497
Maternity, birth and family photoshoot Leicester, Loughborough,  Nottingham, Derby, Rutland and surrounding areas.

We have had photo shoots in the past and they have seemed like work. A lot of posing and fake smiling. This wasn’t like that. You captured our family in a dynamic and flattering way.

The photos of the children capture their personalities but still convey the relationships between them.

When I look at these photos, I see relationships and energy and affection.


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