Bride and Groom at East Bridgford Hill

Favourite Moments of the 2014 Weddings

What a year it’s been! I feel blessed to have met these wonderful couples of all ages and cultures, all with an incredible faith in their love, in their relationship. They also share a formidable love of life and have great creativity which made their weddings totally unique and beautiful. I find labels difficult to use, but  the stories that come to mind are: * a humanist wedding at Nailcote Hall where the mirrors on the wall give the reflections an air of old paintings * a totally rustic wedding set at Tablehurst farm where the British- South African couple lives, complete with a roasted pig from their sty * a hand on heart singing groom-to-be to welcome his beloved in one of the most amazing buildings I’ve seen, the Aviator, in Farnborough– That was the engagement party, the wedding will be in Zimbabwe next year, can’t wait! * a high energy dancing, crying from happiness church wedding with a autumn leaves fight at Leicester Botanical Gardens, with songs and dances from Zimbabwe and Malawi- “Do you want to pretend you’re throwing leaves at each other?” I said, ” why pretend ?” she said * my first vidhi, great fun to watch even though the poor groom to be didn’t find the turmeric paste was very good for his skin after all * seeing a couple whose sagai I’d photographed last year get married and go round Birmingham in a Cinderella horse cart * a fusion wedding with Arabic touches, complete with Turkish delights and Oud player at Stoke Rochford Hall * an afternoon tea wedding with home-made, vintage, creative touches from flowers in teapots to messages from the bride and groom to their guests on slips of paper to be picked and kept, with funky props and colouring * a British-Italian wedding with the cutest cars ever: a Fiat 600 and a Morris Minor for the bride and groom, in the very lovely Quorn Village Hall, so fantastically decorated and flowered by friends and family * a poppy inspired, funfair themed  English-Scottish wedding where the bride made most of the decorations- including the bouquet, boutonnieres and a whole funfair out of card at the Ramada  in Loughborough * a relaxed Birmingham wedding with a stop at the Bar Epernay at the Mailbox then onto a Pizzeria by canal boat. * a fusion British-Gujarati wedding at Quorn Country Hotel, with a lovely mix of colours and cultures, a pink and orange theme and an indoor rickshaw for the photobooth! * a mix of classical beauty and vintage balloons- car and sweet parlour- wedding at Cooling Castle Barn, with Irish warmth and eye-wetting speech * a muslim fusion wedding reception at the beautiful Empire in Leicester, with women dancing happily until the end * an incredible masquerade wedding party at the Symphony Rooms in Leicester after a full on Hindu wedding at the Empire- and the wedding registry, and the Mehendi party * an English-Macedonian winter wedding at Bisham Abbey with frost in the grass all day and fantastic winter theme- furs, fir cones etc. * a British-Sri Lankan fusion wedding with orchids, roses, jasmine and a mix of blessing ceremonies at Mythe Barn * another British -Irish wedding this time with the church in  Chelsea, at the Harwood Arms in Fulham, with amazing food and great decorations. * a British-Dutch wedding at East Bridgford Hall with two really amazing life loving, life saving people (they’re both nurses) complete with traditional Dutch singing, tulips and orange socks. * a British-Polish wedding filled with two year olds -including the couple’s toddler signing the fake register, as well as an impromptu croquet, a missed boat and a lot of fun at Nottingham University * and a British-American couple getting the photos of the two of them before the wedding and the guests- as is often done in France and other countries- to be able to relax fully and enjoy their guests without interruption, at Hambleton Hall So again, what a year! I am so lucky!! I love  how each couple weaves their culture, tastes, ideas into it for a beautiful and  emotional tapestry. Are you planning a wedding, do you know someone who is, please get in touch, I’m always happy to chat, to help, to discuss ideas, or ring 07763064497  


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