How much does a wedding cost in UK?

According to Brides, here are some averages to give you an idea of how much a wedding cost in UK in 2014.

Obviously averages, like statistics are a rough idea and individual weddings vary hugely.

Wedding venue: £2,223 Reception venue: £4,189 Catering: £3,063 Photography: £1,399 Flowers: £560 Cake: £296 Entertainment: £682 Dress: £1,340 Shoes: £107 Stationery: £240 Headdress/veil: £108 Attendants’ outfits: £465 Mother-of-the-bride outfit: £337 Groom’s outfit: £313 Beauty: £220 Engagement Ring: £2,451 Wedding rings: £647 Other wedding jewellery: £191 Honeymoon: £3,931 Gift List: £1,954 Total: £24,716

(Update: in 2015 Photography cost on average £1520)

Do pop over here and especially read the comments, very interesting when people have differing views! Also these figures seem to only take into account white weddings.

I wonder how it compares with Asian weddings. I have seen headlines talking about figures over £30000, but I wonder how realistic this is. I know that there are many other ceremonies- from the sagai, to the vidhi and mehendi and that there can be over 600 guests but I wonder what the average would be, please let me know of weddings you know of.

There are many ways of cutting costs and various countries do it in different ways. For example in Spain, guests contribute to the cost of their seat and meal at the venue, plus some as a present. If you look on Sainsbury’s Bank website , the spending is quite different, so while looking at averages helps us sometimes allow ourselves to spend more than we feel we ought to, they are by no means obligations.

This one counts £572 for photography, which is highly unlikely- except if people who get a photographer are taken into the equation.

There are ways of making savings, for example, having mismatched bridesmaids with the girls choosing their own outfit- on a theme, means that they probably won’t mind buying their own dress as they get something they love and will wear again.

In a similar fashion, I am surprised to see that the mother of the bride outfit is included. I would have imagined she would pay for it. Is this a British tradition?

This What a wedding costs is again quite different: Venue & Catering : £9,500 Photography: £2,100 Flowers: £1,200 Entertainment : £1,220 Bridal dress, shoes, veil and groom’s outfit : £1,680 Total, including other costs: £21,000 Source: UK Alliance of Wedding Planners seen on BBC’s website What are you planning to spend and what would you do to save money?  Please share your tips!  Thank you


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