how to be natural in photos: couple during Beloved session

How to be Natural in Photos

How to be Natural in Photos

If you’re like me, you like natural photos but as soon as someone looks at you through a camera you can’t remember how to be natural- or be anything at all apart from awkward and self conscious.. How to be natural on command??

It’s the same for many of my clients. They say they want natural photos then, when we are together, they just don’t know what to do with themselves, how to be, where to look, aaargh, it’s quite stressful being in front of the camera!

So what to do? What I’ve been doing is giving my couples time and space to relax, have fun, and relax with me and with each other. No-one can stay stiff and tense for two hours! After a while it becomes fun and my couples get into their own way of being together. I also like exploring ideas together.

But when I came across Beloved, it felt like it was a perfect tool to enable couples to connect with each other at a deeper level and I knew that the photos would reflect that

Just as I knew photography was my path when I heard Joe Buissink say “I shoot from the heart”- yes I met him, lucky me, I love this guy- look him up!!

So what’s special about Beloved? it puts the focus- no pun intended- on the relationship and the photos are the natural result of that. So it’s a celebration of your love- as a couple, a family, or even alone- your connection, how lucky you are to be here, the magic of life and love, the joy of being.

My husband is the only one who takes photos of me that I like, ok he’s a designer and does photography too but I think it’s mostly because I put my barriers down, I trust him to love me as I am, so I let him see me and he sees me with love. That’s what Beloved is about. Putting our walls down, letting us be seen, and be seen with love.

Are you wondering HOW? Through:

* invites to play games,

* have fun, * share things,

* going from light and joyful to deeper feelings of connection.

It isn’t just photos I promise you, it’s deep, meaningful… and beautiful.

It’s a step beyond a photoshoot, the photos become the result of an experience, not the prime focus. It’s not for everyone and I will keep the lighter touch approach too in discussion with each couple as everyone is different.
I have only done one session so far- as I’m just starting, and it felt fun and silly, and great, and at points, goose-pimply soulful.

So if what you want is a fun, joyful, loving time with yourself, your other half or your family, call me -07763064497- let’s do a Beloved session together! 



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