How to choose the best wedding photographer for you

How to choose the best wedding photographer for you

The main aspects are : style, personality and budget

You want to be sure you like what the photographer is doing in a vast range of situations so really look at many of their weddings- of possible full weddings, not just a few favourites.

Getting on with them as a person means you will find it easier to relax and be yourselves. As a woman I find that being n the room of the bride when she gets ready isn’t usually a problem. Of course I don’t publish anything that would make her blush- or if she has some photos for his and her eyes only, I can put them in a separate, private gallery. Communication is key so do tell me what you like and don’t like before and during the wedding.

Budget is of course a consideration. For this reason, I charge per hour so everyone can get some photos of their wedding, and so each couple can decide how much they want and need.

Here are some frequently asked questions.. and my answers

Do you have a portfolio that we can see? Yes of course, on my website, I have many blogs, I have full albums on Youtube so you don’t just see my best or favourite photos but what a whole wedding looks like. Of course, each wedding is different and I capture it as it is.

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Have you shot at our wedding venue before? If not, do you plan to visit the venue beforehand? To be honest, I do some research online and I like both places I know and discovering new places, it’s more exciting as everything is new. I try to not repeat the same shots so it’s really unique to you. I bring more equipment than I need just to make sure I can do whatever we fancy doing. Each season and each day will have different opportunities and challenges, so visiting it in a different season won’t really give us an idea of what’s possible


What is included in your wedding photography packages? I am super transparent so there is no bad surprise. I charge per hour, this includes the photos- no restriction on number- but I pick the best ones, edit them and give them to you on a downloadable gallery with your names as password so you can share and print as you want. My website has a print shop built in so you can order directly if you want. I also offer albums, thank you cards, frames etc if required. I can provide the photos on a USB is required but find that having them on a gallery means you don’t lose them!

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Can we see a full wedding album? Yes  of course, both on Youtube and if we meet face to face.

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What is your photography style and approach?  I shoot mostly candids, natural photos but I also do all the groups you want- I don’t make people do silly things- and love to shoot in between groups when people are still talking and interacting, thees are my favourite ones.  Of course I love the couple photos, taking time for the two of you is important otherwise the day will go by and you’ll hardly have seen each other and have no photos of the two of you. For these, I prompt you rather than pose.

What is your experience shooting weddings? I’ve been shooting weddings for over 13 years, in five countries so far, in settings from beach to castle, from 4 people to over 600. No wedding is too small or too big, too close or too far. I have shot Christian weddings, Humanist weddings, Pagan weddings, Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings and a Jain wedding as well as many registry weddings. I also shoot proposals, engagement parties, mehndi, vidhi, handfastings and anniversaries.

How many photographers will be shooting our wedding? I usually shoot alone as I find that second shooters are never at the right place at the right time since that’s where I am. But when couples want photos of both spouses getting ready I can hire someone for a few hours, this is extra.

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What is your turnaround time for delivering the photos? I get very excited so if I don’t do them overnight anymore I promise to have them done within a week, often quicker. If I can’t do so I will tell you in advance. Albums take 2 weeks after your authorisation to publish.

Can we provide a list of specific shots that we want? Yes of course, I want to know what you want! for groups, it’s better to give the list to people who know your guests and can organise them so I can concentrate on shooting and make these photos go faster.

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Where can we see reviews of your work?  I have over 60  five start reviews on Google, I have 40+ on facebook, and some on Bing and Yell!

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If you’d like to meet up, we have an open house- and two cats, you’re welcome to come to us, Or I can meet you in town or at your home.