How to Make your Wedding Unique

I’m sure you want to make your wedding amazing, so on my quest to find amazing- and inexpensive – ideas to help you make your wedding just perfect, I found a document that really highlighted the principles of how to wow your guests.

Basically she- Stephanie Padovani- explains that a wedding has to be ..

1- so you that people recognise you in it, but also your guests must understand- and be touched- by your choices so you need to make them clear, share the story behind things, and third element: the guests need to be involved, engaged, in other words, have fun!

2- easy for your guest to understand and be moved by your choices so you need to make them clear, share the story behind things,

3 – easy for the guests to get involved, feel engaged, so in other words, have fun!

So ideas to make it .. so you:

  • Have photos of your life, your family, grandparents wedding, your pets, your passion; mementos, with little notes  that people can read and find out more about you two..
  • You can have little things from your home as decoration with note cards about where they came from and why they mean a lot to you.   One of my couples had a table for each city they lived in, and they were decorated according to that place
  • Have photos or cardboard cut out of people who can’t be there! as well as them being on skype during the ceremony with their own seat.
  • Share some of your love story, in the speech, on tables, as quizzes..  Have a collage of your love letters.
  • Show one of your talents! surprise people
    How to Make your Wedding Unique with mementoes
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  • Weave in some traditions from older generations, or different times and places, something that has meaning for you but isn’t common. At our wedding, I’d asked the guests to write a message on a heart-shaped piece of material the night before- we had a meet and greet picnic- and we sewed them onto a blanket. During the ceremony we were wrapped in that blanket, surrounded by the love and well wishes of our friends and family, This apparently was an American Indian custom, but I loved the meaning of it.

Ideas to get your guests involved:

    • Have table tasks, from trivia questions, to recomposing a love poem, a timeline… Give them tasks to go and meet other people, make teams (it doesn’t have to be bride and groom’s teams!)
    • Performances- music, song, dance, speeches- from your guests –  ask beforehand who’d like to be involved and spread it throughout the day.
    • Give (or have someone give) a dance lesson to all your guests
    • Have a ring warming chain: have all the guests hold / bless the rings before the vows
    • Do some group dances, from line dancing to ceilidhs, folk dance, YMCA… etc
    • Get some silly props, some empty frames, a clean background and a polaroid to get your guests to take photos of each other and write messages on a scrapbook
    • You can also prioritise your budget on activities: not just a bouncy castle for the kids; games and experiences can be for adults too, from a game of cricket to archery, don’t be shy, be unique, be you!

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