Are you planning a wedding? Are you on Pinterest? Pinterest is the Aladdin’s cave of images and inspiration. It’s fabulous and easy to get lost in.

It even allows you to have private boards to share with one or more people, so with your wedding planner, your cake maker, your sister, etc to create a mood board, to show what you like.. It helps you to create a theme even if its a ” everything I like ” theme, somehow you eventually see a thread, and that’s really helpful.

You can see my boards here as an example. They’re not for me to show off, but to share everything that inspires me, and everything I find useful to share with brides So why the title?

My  biggest worry is about the lists of “Must Have Images”. I am very happy to create a first meeting or first look situation, because he will be nervous, you will be excited and the meeting will be raw with emotions, whether you touch his face and he can’t see you, or whether he opens his eyes and is overwhelmed to see you, there are many ways of creating a pre-wedding meeting which will be very powerful and personal. Pinterest shows many ideas for that. Great.

But when the photographer says to the bride: you will stand there and I will put the flower girl under your dress and ask her to put the dress above her head and say Peek a booo”,  the emotions are lost, people are just used to create images not memories. (This was told to me by one of my brides of the venue recommended photographer)

There are (too) many dos and dont’s on Pinterest  ( e.g. 10 questions you must ask your photographerSo do take the advice- mine too- with a pinch of salt.. People use Pinterest to get inspired and it’s a fantastic tool, but there is a fine line between inspiration and imitation.

For many things it doesn’t matter: if you like this bouquet, why not show your florist and have the same,  or cake , or dress, or decorations.. There are many ways to use Pinterest and keep the emotions, the realness of your day. My dos and dont’s would be:

DO:   Pin everything you like on boards 

  • Make a selection based on what in your mind goes together- be as traditional or as outside the box as you want, it’s your day!
  • Select what you can have- price wise, location wise etc and make it, borrow it, find it..
  • Talk to your photographer about ideas you have for the day and how to make it fit with the timings, have an open discussion as they have a lot of experience of weddings, they should really listen to you and be honest about what they think is possible, the pros and cons etc
  • Keep it real and personal and full of your emotions so when you see your photos on the wall, in your album etc you feel the emotions again.  
  • Not everything will be as you planned it, don’t worry, the photos will be about what really happened.

DON’T be told what to you must or mustn’t do, especially by lists on boards (including by me) And enjoy the time spent preparing.

Want to share your experience, chat about your photography ideas for your wedding? Get in touch.


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