How to keep fit when pregnant?

How to keep fit when pregnant is a worry for many women.

You don’t want to lose your fitness, on the contrary, you want to be as fit as possible for the birth and after, but you might be worried about how to do it right. Joanna Helcke has the answers. When she was pregnant she kept fit but there was no help around in terms of pregnancy fitness so she developed the program she wished she had had. She teaches classes locally for pre and post-natal fitness but wanted to help more women so she launched a website where you get advice and week per week fitness routines. Today she launched the Fit Bump Box, the ideal companion to your pregnancy fitness regime: all you need to do the exercises online, in a super cute packaging.  It’s the perfect present for a mum-to-be, even if it’s not her first time. Not only is it useful and beautifully designed, it’s of the highest quality and comes with an online subscription so there is no excuse not to do the exercises.

Today’s launch was at Dolcino’s in Loughborough and was well attended. One of the forum experts, Clara Wilcox from the Balance Collective was on hand, and Emma Hallam from Alex’s Wish was there too to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that affects many people, including her 10 year old son, Alex.

Joanna was interviewed by Helen Knapton-Knott, Tots Times owner. The cusions were made by Amy Humphries.


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