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Ladywood Estate Wedding Venue in Leicestershire

Ladywood Estate is a wedding venue in Leicestershire that caters for both small and big weddings so is popular for Asian weddings.

I visited Ladywood Estate following Val’s advice from Benessamy events. The venue had an open day today and I really enjoyed discovering it. Jan and her team are really warm, lovely pople who are helpful and can also have a good laugh, which in my book is quite important.

The estate is really 2 venues with two distinct styles for different kinds of weddings.

The house caters for small weddings with a intimate, warm, historical feel. I didn’t get into the house when I visited but the gardens are very well kept, they are full of surprises and flowers in most seasons.

ladywood house estate
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The other building still benefits from the magnificent site and view, with a mix of natural material – a lot of wood- and modern materials which gives it an edge. It has two great spaces which cater for at least 400 people – so great as an Asian weddings venue near Leicester and can be styled as you want. Today was styled lavisly by Krystal. The dance floor had a huge flowery centrepiece as to not look empty.

ladywood estate wedding venue hall
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They just built a new orangerie, very light and airy, for the ceremonies. The doors open onto a safe outdoor area.

They also have a bar area, where people can socialise, as well as a lot of outdoors space , terrasee and grass to be enjoyed weather permitting. It’s a great place for kids and has some magnificent views.

ladywood estate bar
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The venue has ampble parking and offers accomodation in several places. The house offers 5 bedroom suites; the boat house, by the lake, is ideal for a couple; the stable cottages have 2 modern bedrooms with common dining room.

The venue has its own in-house chefs.

The team works with some selected suppliers for their styling and also recommend Geoff Harris as toastmaster.

If you’re interested and would like to see for yoursleves, do get in touch with Jan or her staff.

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