Lifestyle photoshoot at home with toddler and newborn twins near Loughborough

When children are under three, life is busy, when you have more than one, you’re amazing, but with a toddler and newborn twins, this lady is a super mama.

Lifestyle sessions are about capturing the real life, the interactions, the details, the reactions so you can re-live each moment. They go too fast.

A lifestyle photoshoot at home with a toddler and two babies is unpredictable, impossible to plan. So we went with the flow, feeding, cuddling, burping, changing, pacifying, entertaining as needed.

The babies were so close I suddely thought about fitting them in a suitcase I had my blankets in, to coccon them as they’ve been cocconed for nine months. I loved seeing how entangled their limbs got, hodling hands, sharing feet. and of course sucking on elbow or shoulder.

I was so impressed by how relaxed and radiant this mum was, so patient, taking everything in her stride, playing with the suddenly big boy. He was  her baby until the new babies arrived and now he’s Big Brother. But he’s still small and warm, and cuddly and his laughter is free, breathless, wild, trusting.

The babies needed what they needed so I stayed longer than usual, or rather, I knew that newborn or small babies photoshoots can take four hours, not the usual two. And so it was.

I do love lifestyle photoshoots for newborns- and for all kids- they are not totally unposed but they are natural, capture real memories.


If you’d like a lifestyle photoshoot to capture your daily life with a young child, I’d love to capture their spirit, and your relationship.