trip to paris

Paris romantic city, Paris je t’aime

Paris romantic city, Paris je t’aime

Last Saturday I went to Paris for the day. I lived in Paris many moons ago so I wasn’t looking for anything special- apart from some saucisson- I went on a whim, because people I knew were going. I was looking forward to getting to know thembetter, which is why I do people photography really, because I make friends and care and enjoy people. And Paris is such a romantic city I didn’t need much encouragement to go.

If you can imagine what could go wrong, well everything did, but it was a very good day. It’s like at weddings, there is always something going wrong but it usually doesn’t spoil the day, it becomes part of the story, the broken necklace, the transparent wedding dress, the need for a new bridesmaid dress overnight, things like that..

So we started with a pickpocket and the police, then wrong tubes- not my group, I know Paris- a handbag stuck in the tube’s doors, some ladies of the night objecting to being photographed, getting caught in the Christmas Lights switch on crowd in the Champs Elysées, running to get the train, and more.. but it was a fab day, even though my legs are still a bit achy.

Of course it was a great opportunity to take photos and after wondering all night which lens to take, I took 3- which was quite restrained I thought, and only one camera, which was frustrating but much lighter to carry all day. Living in Loughborough, Leicestershire, I would never have thought of a day trip to Paris, but having done it, I can see how it would be just perfect for an engagement or pre-wedding shoot. Paris is such a romantic city, so who’s up for it?   Paris by day, and it was a lovely day too, we started with Montmartre’s Sacre Cœur and artist village, I love the streets, very steep but they remind me of classic Black and White photographs. 

Without wanting to sound snob or anything, the food was ok, not amazing- ,my mum is a good cook you see and so is my husband..- , but the service was great and the restaurant itself very grand. It reminded me of Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, even though it wasn’t featured in the film, it still had the atmosphere of the artistic life Paris has always been famous for. (Yes it was crème brûlée!)  

In French we call the time between light and dark, the hour between dog and wolf, entre chien et loup, I like that, as if everything was about to turn slightly wild.. a very interesting time for photographers.


Night and water, a paradise for reflections! Beautiful historical Louvres with its modern pyramids, what do you think, do they feel out of place? I kind of like them.   Here they are the Pyramids, in their beautiful reflections and angles.. But what moved me most as usual, were the people passing by, what story was being told, who were they, why were they here? I am a romantic really..  so who’s up for a shoot in Paris?


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