A Photographer is for Life, not just for Weddings

A Photographer is for Life, not just for Weddings

This week I had the immense pleasure of doing a family photoshoot. Now, all the people I work with are special to me- I spend a lot of time with them for real and on screen, so I feel very close to them  but this family is one of the families I “follow” and they came to see me in Loughborough, with their new baby. Life goes on so fast, capturing all important phases is priceless.

Alix Thank you so much for your photos, once more they are unique, capturing our feelings and making me feel the luckiest girl in the world to have you by my side and to receive such an invaluable gift…” Paula

I first shot their engagement photographs. They were happy to go with all or any of my ideas so it was very exciting. We started with a very urban, bold feel in Loughborough.

We then had a lovely sunset shoot in nature, Bradgate Park near Leicester.

They met when they were 15 and it was love at first sight, forever. They are just as happy and in love and beautiful, if not more, than when I first met them. So 7 years after they met, they got married, in their hometown, Valencia.
When I arrived in Paula’s bedroom at home, I saw one of my photos on her wall, in 3 huge panels, very impressive! My first destination wedding. It was different, challenging, fantastic. They used the silhouette photo for their invites, printing them on translucent paper, and knotting it to the text. Too many photos to show, so just a few of the two of them.

We stayed friends as I do with many of my couples. They came back to Loughborough to do their PhDs- we did a boudoir shoot that I am not showing- and by the end of Carlos’ research, Paula was pregnant! I was invited to the baby shower- I find it hard to leave my camera home so here are some of the images we had fun doing

They also wanted a real maternity shoot. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t let us go outside, so we stayed in their flat. We did some reportage shots but also some very posed ones with studio lighting.

Lastly- so far, I’m sure we’ll carry on the picture story when we next meet, here or in Spain- we had a lovely shoot with Jose Miguel, their first child. He is as happy and relaxed as his parents and it was a real joy to celebrate their family. We started outdoors in a Beloved style.

Then went back to my house, and I just couldn’t stop shooting!

I will miss them and can’t wait to see them again. They have their vivas to take here in the autumn and I have promised to go and visit them.

If you want to tell the story of your family year after year, let me know, I’d be very happy to be your lifetime photographer
Alix – Photographer Loughborough – 01509 556 276 or 07763064497

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