photography gift vouchers

Photoshoot gift vouchers

Photoshoot gift vouchers and other ideas of ethical gifts for Christmas


At Christmas, we look for ways to make our friends and family happy and we don’t always know what to buy especially for adults since they don’t need anything that they can’t buy themselves, a lot of the time, and it’s not a great feeling to buy something just for byung sake. Also we are realising that we can’t carry on buying things that might be enjoyed for a while and pollute the environment for centuries. So when we’re looking for alternatives, we can:

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  •   Recycle,
  •  Upcycle,
  •  Make our own: infused oil, candle, jam, chutney, cakes, weaving, art, embroidery, knitting, woodwork, engraving, the list is endless
  •  Buy from local/ ethical/ environmentally friendly sources like bamboo clothing, recycled glass etc
  •  We can buy a goat from Oxfam, or a well, or make a donation in our friends’ names.
  •  We can give service: we can make our own vouchers for one hour of ironing, for car-washing, for cat-sitting during the  holidays, for a cookery lesson, a massage… so we give our skills and time.
  •  We can give experiences with gift vouchers for a spa, a cinema ticket, a season ticket, a workshop they’d enjoy,  a   surprise  trip and let them choose a date in the future so the present is on the day and also later on when it actually   happens. And we know how looking forward to something can be just as good as getting the thing itself.
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What can you think of that would make you smile every day? Something   that you could look forward to, enjoy while you’re there and then have   memories of that warm your heart everyday?

It’s said that experiences make us happier than objects, but some things   have a huge emotional value. These tend to be things that remind us of   good times or people we love, or both. Like photos.

Photoshoot gift vouchers are a wonderful mix of a lovely experience: quality time with loved ones playing outdoors- and beautiful objects around the house.

And they last longer than a spa since the photos take us back to that time. I can send gift vouchers as postcards or email them for you to fill in and give to your loved ones. You can also ask for one for you too!

I also offer photography lessons gift vouchers.





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