guide to planning an outdoor wedding

Great Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding By Jodie from Sami Tipis

Great Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Craig and Jodie from Sámi Tipis have just published an Amazon best-seller The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding and I wanted to find out more about it.

As the tipis were being set up at Bawdon Lodge  I popped in to meet with Jodie and find out more about them, about their business and their book.

Jodie and Craig met in their teens- yes, aww…- and lived abroad for several years but wanted to do something different when they came back to the UK. As they were looking for the big idea both of them would feel passionate about, they found these tipis used by the Sámi- People from the Arctic- hence the accent on  Sámi-  and they knew they had found IT.

I must say that they are incredibly impressive, nothing like a hippy thing, they are large, beautiful, impressive, even in their empty state today. I shot tipi weddings before but had never seen anything like that.

Alix: Why outdoor weddings?

Jodie: As you can see, that’s what we specialise in, and there was definitively a need for it for all the couples we deal with and their families too, before they even embark on this journey, at least they can get a better insight into what’s involved. It is much more involved than just going to a hotel but the outcome is in my view superior for want of a better word.

Alix: Why is it superior?

Jodie: I just think  because it’s the end result of all the work you put in. It really is like a jigsaw, you pull all together the suppliers, nobody tells you what to do, it’s totally your choice. It’s what you create as a couple so it reflects your own personality, your own style, your beliefs and you just couldn’t get that with a hotel that does wedding after wedding after wedding. Every wedding that we have is different, all the styling elements change, it’s the most personal venue you can have.

We know that when people arrive at the tipis, be it family, friends, it’s always wow.  They’re in awe of what you created.

Alix: Why is it called outdoors wedding if it’s in a tipi?

Jodie:Because you have the whole area, the tipi space and the outdoors to enjoy. When you arrive all you’ve got is a field and you build it up from there.  Be it with a marquee, a tipi, a yurt …


Alix: Why is a tipi better than a marquee? You must be biased?

Yeah! Every time I go in the tipis,  even now that there is nothing in there I still go Wow and at night time it’s a totally different space.  It’s like you have two different venue spaces, the daytime is amazing and at night it becomes just magical, it changes the whole atmosphere, but you really have to experience it to understand fully the atmospheres the tipis create. It’s like nothing else. The atmosphere is just incredible.  Everyone enjoys that space, everyone relaxes, everyone enjoys that day

Alix: Any warnings

Jodie: I think y get a good idea of what’s involved because it’s more involved because you pull all the suppliers together and some people might feel overwhelmed, that’s why we’re here to help you. You can also work with a planner like Val at Benessamy to help with that overwhelm. It really is choosing the right suppliers to help you, people who have done that style of wedding and understand what’s involved even down to the caterers who should understand what it’s like cooking in a field. You pull a team around you, they’re your team, they here to work for you, with you.  So yes getting the right suppliers is really important.

Alix:Any top tips apart from that?

Jodie: Read the book! That’s a good tip ! Choose the right suppliers. Enjoy and relax. You chose this style of wedding because you want something more relaxed so enjoy it. Some things might go wrong but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. You’re getting married to you best friend in a unique venue.

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