Autumn family photoshoot Harrogate

Autumn family photoshoot Harrogate

Autumn family photoshoot Harrogate at home and outdoors


” We have just had Alix do a maternity and baby shoot for us and we can’t recommend her highly enough. Her photos speak for themselves; you will not be disappointed with them! But what you might not be able to see is how well she puts people at ease in front of the camera and the warmth and care she brings to each shoot she does. She really cares about people and this shows in her photos. I’ll never book anyone else ever again, Alix is by far the best! “



It’s funny how some people touch us.. for life. I met Lucy and Dom when we did their engagement photoshoot and straight away, they found a place in our hearts and lives. We kept in touch after we photographed their wedding and they were there for us in ways only the closest of friends were so I was so very happy for them when they said they were expecting a baby after a long illness. We celebrated by braving the cold last January (if you want to see the pregnancy photos, click here) and I finally got to meet Elsa-Rose this weekend.

She’s delightful, strong, determined, brave, not complaining, just like her mum. She was having a grouchy day apparently. I wouldn’t have known to be honest, she didn’t cry despite a fever and harsh teething, she went to bed quietly, fed easily…  I must say that Lucy and Dom read her signals beautifully so she doesn’t need to get loud, they know when she’s tired, hungry, it’s beautiful to see.

They wanted photos of a normal day, nothing fancy or special, no posing, no pretending, so that’s what it looked like: 

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Breastfeeding, Lucy looked like a classical Madonna, don’t you think?

Not a photographer’s studio, just the chair by the window, a beautiful baby in a beautiful light.  

Quiet love, a portrait of happiness. Lucy’s reaction when she saw the photos was that she hadn’t realised how happy they were as parents. or may be how much it does show. they shine don’t they?

Their bed has a cover with many details, Elsa was trying to catch the stag and the rabbit on the cover! 

Bath time! She goes swimming so isn’t afraid of splashing or getting water in her eyes, and yes she’s teething!

We only went out for a little while since it was very cold but the light was gorgeous and Lucy blond like the wheat- as we say in French.

Do you remember The Little Prince? when the fox says he will always love the wheat fields now because it will remind him of his friend…

That feeling that nothing is more precious that this little person, so fragile, so strong, so loved, and our lives take on a new meaning. Breathing her in.

Autumn colours, so joyful and warm. 

I think the parents enjoyed the leaves more than the child, although she found a strong stalk to chew on, it’s hard to be joyful when in pain and toothache is one of the worst pains, isn’t it?


If you want natural, playful photography of your family, do give me a call, I look forward to meeting you!





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