Big Birthday Family Photoshoot in Loughborough- the younger generation

Big Birthday Family Photoshoot in Loughborough

Big birthday family photoshoot in Loughborough.

When someone has a big birthday, a wonderful present  is a photoshoot. It’s a way to capture everyone together and mark the occasion.  It becomes a present for everybody since everyone gets the photos of all the family. So I often capture families get together for 70th and 80th birthday, but it could be at any age really. 

What people have in mind is group shots, since it’s not often people are together, so they want everyone together, and then smaller groups, and to be honest it’s the only way to get everyone on the same photo, it doesn’t happen by chance. Groups shots doesn’t mean stiff! Isn’t it the best thing to laugh with the ones you love?

But what people don’t often expect is the in-between shots, the ones when they’re getting ready for the group shot, the natural interactions, the dreamy moments, the laughter, the moodiness, the tantrums, the unexpected, the cat or the dog distracting everyone, the silliness.. and that’s what I love! Moments like when the shy little girl doesn’t think she’s being photographed. 
Setting up smaller groups like families, couples, sibling, cousins, favourite aunt, and of course the much loved furry family members. Siblings relationships are intense, full of love, admiration, and much more.. capturing the range of feelings and emotions, the fun and competition, the unique personalities of each person. 

This family were so much fun, they were joking and teasing each other non stop, it’s such a joy to be with people who show their love so freely. Click here if the slideshow doesn’t load

Tip: choose your shoes! high heels sink in the grass!

If you know someone who has an big birthday coming up, why not gift them a big birthday family photoshoot in Loughborough or nearby. I shoot in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and even sometimes further, like Yorkshire and London.

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