Elvaston Castle family photoshoot- the children

Elvaston Castle Family Photoshoot

Elvaston Castle Family Photoshoot


When families ask me for places for a photoshoot, I have several I recommend: Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill, Whatton Gardens, Calke Abbey, Elvaston Castle. I have others I don’t know the name of as well, fields and woods, so there is plenty of choice.

Elvaston Castle is great because it offers many different areas: woods, lawn, maze, house, water edge, stream, playground, so the pace can be quite fast, the shoot full of surprises, keeping the children attention engaged. What I aim for is the children enjoying the shoot, if they’re having fun and are safe, parents can relax. As a parent I also keep an eye on them to make sure they’re ok, I run with them, and if a toy ends up in the lake- it’s happened, it’s not a big deal.

These children are confident, full of beans, eager to explore, climb, learn, try things, excited about everything! such a joy to capture their adventures, expressions and relationships.

The challenge is to get a family photo that is natural with everyone’s eyes open. I don’t mind if they don’t all look at the camera, I don’t want it to be posed, stiff. I want to capture their connection, the fun they share.

This slideshow isn’t a cut of the best photos, it’s most of the photos I took during the session. I love the liveliness of them all, 3 kids age 1 to 6, two supportive, patient, affirming parents and a loyal companion. (if the slideshow doesn’t load, please click here)

If you’re looking for a family photographer, at Elvaston castle or elsewhere, please get in touch.


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