Newborn photoshoot with sibling Barrow upon Soar- the whole family

Newborn photoshoot with sibling in Barrow upon Soar

Newborn photoshoot with sibling in Barrow upon Soar


It was extra special to do this newborn photoshoot because I had been with this family doing another newborn photoshoot two years ago and I met the now little girl. It is such a wonderful thing to see children grow up, become themselves, go through all the different phases, running ahead of us, surprising us all the time.

The little girl was joyful and a free spirit, which I loved. I captured her shyness, her relaxing, her love for her baby brother, her independence, her playing with what she chose, her relationship with her parents. The little boy had so many expressions of course and I managed to capture these semi-smiles of newborns, so precious. Mum and dad are sportive and they looked amazing even with the lack of sleep. It was really heartwarming to see their family grow, all the relationships, the different shades of love. We love each person as if they were the only person we love, each our favourite, each unique, like we love flowers, not comparing, just admiring their unique beauty and perfume.

Indoors was great but outdoors called the little girl, so we went for a little walk and played in the long grass. I had bubbles, which are always a winner. I took one photo of her baby- Annabel- her doll, like I took photos of her newborn brother. and on the way back she was playing peek a boo with me, held by mum. I love how children just open up and warm up to me playing with them. I never force them, just let them be and have things that might interest them so we build a bond and end up playing with no more shyness.

I look forward to see them grow up, each stage amazing.

If you want natural photos of your newborn baby, capturing their expressions, awake and asleep, with you too, so they have memories of these times too, just get in touch

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