family photos at stapleford park

Stapleford Park Wedding Anniversary and Family Photoshoot

Stapleford Park Wedding Anniversary and Family Photoshoot.

I met this beautiful couple at a party I was photographing and since they liked my photos they booked me. They’d had their wedding at Stapleford Park so they wanted to go back there to celebrate their tenth anniversary, with their gorgeous little girl.  Stapleford Park is a beautiful venue and we had some time to explore the outdoors before it rained, and then we took refuge inside. Thankfully there are many beautiful places inside too and they let us explore the venue.

It’s not easy getting couple time with a child, so we had more family photos- and child ones- than intimate couple shots, but that’s what life is like ten years on and it’s a beautiful thing too. When asked what was the best thing in their adventure, they both agreed that being a parent and their little girl was the greatest blessing. I think most parents will agree. Of course, it’s also loving each other, and they sure do.
 The little girl was a bit shy and thought she had to give a cheesy grin for the photos so it took some time to get real smiles. , some activities that work well at that age are: 1-2-3 – weeee is a great game, until your arms drop off.
Tickling is fabulous for getting real laughter.
And lollies work every time. I often bring toys or bubbles too but the focus was on the couple so we didn’t do that this time. 
I offer the photos in colour and black and white because I often can’t decide the ones I like best, what about you  what do you prefer? 

Here are some of my favourite images. I like albums because each page has it’s own mini-story. If the slideshow don’t load, please click here. 

If you’d like to celebrate your wedding anniversary, engagement, birthday or just capture the loves of your life in a relaxed, natural way,  please. get in touch  I’d be honoured to be your photographer. 

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