spaniel playing in park in loughborough photo by lumiere photography

Pet photography in Loughborough: Amos and Matti, two lovely spaniels

Pet photography in Loughborough with two lovely spaniels

I don’t do enough of pet photography so when I was asked to capture the personalities of two gorgeous spaniels, I was very happy to oblige! I mean having fun with two lovely dogs, playing in Southfields Park – in Loughborough-, having cuddles, what’s not to like?

Pet photography isn’t the easiest, but it was fun trying!  The dogs won’t pose or wait for me to click my shutter. They are great at eye contact but I lose it as soon as my camera covers my face. I had to be quick, perseverant and had the help of their human.

Here are some of the images I took.

If you would like some outdoors pet photography in Loughborough or in the area, do get in touch! 07763064497



Thank you. Alix

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