autumn photoshoot in Leicestershire

Why have an autumn photoshoot in Leicestershire

Why have an autumn photoshoot in Leicestershire and further

There are many beautiful places to have a couple or family photoshoot in autumn around Leicestershire and many reasons to have one.

Autumn is a feast of colours, the leaves, on the trees and on the ground give warmth to the photos. The light through the red ferns is a beautiful backdrop, everything looks golden. Playing with the leaves seems to entertain people of all ages- not the smallest babies though, who look at me so nonplussed it is actually very funny but not a great photo. But as soon as they can walk, kids- and dogs- love running through heaps of leaves, throwing them in the air and on each other.

Bradgate Park has red ferns, golden grass, beautiful light through the trees and the grasses and a wide variety of landscapes to take photos in.  The top of Beacon hill is fantastic for kites- veils, anything that flies, whilst the bottom has colour all year round. Whatton Gardens is amazing at each season, and in autumn, the maples are splendid.

It is cooler so you can wear lots of accessories: hats, scarves, furry jumpers, you can play with your clothes and either match the autumn colours in rusts, yellows, deep reds. Or you can complement the colours with greens, teals, creams, so much to play with. But it’s not too cold so being outside is still enjoyable, playing hide and seek isn’t still fun. Even babies can go out- not newborns of course.

It’s a great time to splash in puddles, so get your wellies out and remember that mud on  trousers and tights wash very easily away. We can even wear the wellies in the stream at Bradgate Park and float boats, poo sticks, throw stones in…

If we’re lucky we can see the stags getting ready for winter, a beautiful, powerful sight to share with the kids.

If we go to the Peak district or Yorkshire, heathers make the ground magically pink, and places like Ilam have wonderful parks to walk and play in.

We can get the pumpkins out and the costumes too and light a fire, roast marshmallows, so many memories to capture! Have a look at some autumn photoshoots I did:


So if you’re the outdoor type and want to play with the kids, let’s go and make memories, capture them so you look back and remember your autumn photoshoot in Leicestershire, or further.


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