engaged asian couple in abbey park leicester photo by lumiere photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot at Abbey Park, Leicester

Pre-wedding shoots are a fantastic way for you to get to know your wedding photographer and get used to being shot at!

It is natural photography in a non-natural setting! I know it’s a contradiction in terms. It’s natural because when I take the photos I look for how you two relate to each other, what you are comfortable with, what is just not you. I see whether you want to input your ideas or prefer to be slightly directed, I gauge the distance you need from me, I look for ways to show who you are as individuals and as a couple. It’s also totally unnatural because I am there and you know I am and I have 2 cameras with big lenses, and when you feel awkward and lost I give you some direction. (2016 update: I now work with the Beloved method where I invite you to do things to you are never in danger of not knowing what to do with your self!)

I started doing them with most weddings when a bride was so nervous she didn’t want me to take photos. I had to think of a way that wouldn’t happen again. And I love it, it’s very relaxed, and can be very imaginative, or very laid back, it’s different every time. It gives you photos of the two of you in everyday clothes, it focuses on the love between you, it’s a window of peace, and you don’t have that many while preparing a wedding!

From the photos I can do guest cards so they have souvenirs- and a link to your gallery; a guestbook so your wedding messages are with your pre-wedding photos, or a signing frame where your guests leave messages around your favourite photo. I prefer the guest book as I put my wedding photos up on the wall rather than the pre-wedding ones.

So a spring pre-wedding shoot in Abbey Park, Leicester, among cherry blossoms.

lumiere photography photoshoot at abbey park with engaged couple
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enagaged couple photographed by lumiere photography
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 Engaged? know someone who is? what better gift than a photoshoot to take time out of planning and ejoy the love? I offer gift vouchers as well as photoshoots. Please read more about couples photoshoots here.

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