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Pregnant? Have a baby? Here is week by week fitness for you

How to be beautifully  and gloriously pregnant while keeping up the essential exercises that will help your general fitness,  the birth and afterwards? How to get back into exercise after having had a baby when having a shower seems like a real achievement?

For pre-natal and post-natal fitness questions, Joanna Helcke has all the answers. She also has 3 children and a top model’s body so she is living proof that it works. Oh and she won Fitness Professional of the year in 2014.  And just to make her blush, she also has a PhD, but despite all that, she is  a really normal woman, down to earth, warm, approachable, fun and even silly- I have photos to prove it! (70s dance moves outdoors to get us warmed up before Alex’s Wish Big Buggy Push, remember?) These are some of the photos we did recently to promote her online classes- and much more- do go and see her website  even if  you are lucky enough to be able to attend her classes near Loughborough.

The site gives you the right exercises week by week, that you can watch and do and of course pause when needed.

There are many other features too, go and see.

You can also follow her facebook page, she manages to post healthy recipes and many interesting articles. For more information on pre and post natal fitness, contact Joanna .

If you are interested in my photography, whether for pregnancy, birth, babies and all precious memories or to give your business a clear image, get in touch or ring 07763064497. Thank you. Alix


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