Husna & Gulam- City Rooms Leicester Wed, 13 Mar 2013 18:21:41 +0000 alix When is came to organising my wedding, finding the right photographer  was one of the most important decisions. After all when the wedding is over its the photographs that will capture those  precious  memories. I was recommended Alix by a friend, and after speaking to her on the phone straight away I found her to be very friendly, and professional, she didn’t bombard me with her prices and packages but listened to what I was after. I wanted natural photos of us, just as we are, I didn’t want to pose for photos, Alix was very open to doing things exactly how I wanted. I decided to do a pre shoot, just so we could both get used to being around a camera, Alix made this process very easy, we just turned up that day and pretended  Alix wasn’t there. The photos turned out amazing! they were so natural and beautiful, everything I had wanted and more! I liked them so much I decided to get a guest book with them. I can honestly not praise Alix enough. She made me feel calm and collected on my wedding day and I not only think of her as an outstanding photographer but think of her as a lifelong friend. I still get complimented on my wedding photos till this day!  Alix was always there in the backrgound, capturing moments that I look back on now  and they make me cry and smile all at once. From start to finish Alix was an absolute gem! we would both like to thank you for being not only being such a great photographer but being there throughout the whole wedding process and making it that little bit more special x

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