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Red, Blue, and very Green Wedding Invites

I mentioned before that for me photography is a way of life , a very optimistic Carpe Diem: seize the day but be sure there will be other amazing moments too.

With philosophy comes responsibility and ethics. I know we live in a material world and there are all these fantastic things we’d like to have, so I try to choose with the future of the planet- hence my kids’ future in mind

. As a wedding photographer I also really enjoy finding interesting ways of planning a wedding, be it recommending vendors, places, objects, ideas.. for me it’s part of the shared journey with the couple. Today I am very happy to present The Wedding Tea Towels!  I came across them after one of my couples sent me one for a wedding on the Isle of Man.

They’d found them thanks to Sara at Ruby and Diva- another bride of mine, fantastic world of weddings!

When Karen- the owner of the company-  was getting married she was looking  for something to create a buzz around their wedding, cheaper than the standard paper options,good for the environment and something guests could keep forever… and that is when they invented the ‘Wedding Tea Towel’.

” Our guests were genuinely blown away and the response was totally amazing. It became one of the most memorable thing about our wedding! So, we got married and we both wondered if maybe the idea was good enough to make a little business out of, so that’s exactly what we did! Now, we have 18 designs to choose from and also provide matching artwork for evening invites, RSVPs and Information cards.”

How is this good for the environment?

Just think, instead of spending money on invites that people eventually throw away, spend less money on something they can actually use, and keep forever.

Your Guests will never forget your anniversary

With the Tea Towel hanging around kitchens for years to come guests have no excuse for forgetting your wedding anniversary.

Create a buzz

Expect the response to be epic, everyone is going to have an opinion on your invite and they can’t wait to get in touch to tell you, this makes your RSVP’s so much easier.

For further information , see them here 

First the pics I took for my invites, aren’t they well presented!


You can see other ideas for wedding invites and stationery on my pinterest board

If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, if you want to bounce ideas, or if you want to check availability, please get in touch Alix 07763064497

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