We know they are little miracles, we know they grow up fast, but it’s amazing how much we forget too!

Thankfully photos bring back the memories, the emotions, the smells even.. remember the newborn slightly acrid smell, the baby’s very sweet head smell, the smell of Sudocream, how it all changes when they go from breast milk to solids? and the cries? the way a newborn’s cry tugs at your heart in a irresistible way, and how when they are older it just can wait a bit longer.

I still feel pulled in supermarkets when I hear a newborn.. We photograph birthday parties but when they’re young parties are a bit stressful, especially the first birthday-  it can be hard to get a smile (see title photo!)  The birthday cake shoot I thought was a bit too set up but it was so much fun that I changed my mind. We all really enjoyed it. And seeing Alex’s face change from incredulity: do you mean I can go for it? to sheer delight was priceless..

Parties are great but it’s also all the moments in between, the normal days, that I aim to capture, to really see the baby grow I like to have 3-4 shoots in the first  year. After that once or twice a year if fine, they big milestones are less so, but still from one year to another what changes! but that’ll be another post.

Look at these little uns, how they’ve changed in just one year- from newborns to toddlers.