Take better photos: composition frozen budleia

Take better photos: composition Part 2

Take better photos: composition Part 2

Who tried the two steps to take better photos I offered last week? Let me know how it went.

I have a lot of shoots and weddings to blog about but I wanted to finish this little column.

The first pointers towards better composition: 1 was declutter 2 was light- see previous blog-

3 is where to put the main subject. The tendency is to put it in the middle and it can be very effective but you need to know why you are choosing a centred composition, so it’s not just your default reaction. Sometimes it’s just quicker and speed can be a necessity, but otherwise think of what you want to achieve. The best-centred compositions are symmetrical ones, whether the symmetry is vertical or horizontal. Here are some examples:

You see, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a portrait, flowers, details, architecture.. symmetry is great when there is a reason for it.

So where else do you put the subject? There are different ways of dividing the image and different rules of composition.

I like thirds. Where are thirds? I did these by eye, no measuring and they are pretty accurate, it’s become natural to see thirds, it’s just practice. The first one shows the cross points, if doing portraits, try place one of the eyes on a cross point.

You can use the whole line, any of them, for a tree, a person, it’s more interesting than using the middle, it gives the subject space to breathe

You can use the whole of the third block too

Here are some examples, they are not perfect but they give an idea, what do you think?

Let me know if you have any questions. Alix 07763064497

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