take better photos lines lead the eye to the couple

Taking better photos: colours and lines

Taking better photos: colours and lines

This is the last instalment of my little advice column on how to take better photographs: better composition with colours and lines. I will do a similar back to basics column on the technical aspect of photography another time. So in the last weeks, we’ve looked at:

  1. decluttering and looking at backgrounds
  2. the light, where it is and how it affects our images
  3. how to use the space in the photo, using thirds or symmetry but making a conscious effort to choose a composition.

Today we’re looking at elements that make a photo stand out: colour, lines and texture. Colour makes a statement, gives unity to the image, contrasts or complements the main subject depending on what you want. Sometimes it contrasts with one aspect- clothing for example, but complement the eyes. In nature, we tend to look for colours in harmony with the subject.  With portraits, it depends, we can find contrasty colours, complementary ones and a mix of both. Textures can be used in similar way, to complement or contrast. Lines draw the eye, we follow them unwittingly,  so they should be used to meaningfully.

take better photos: colours and lines
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See how these lines draw you towards the bride or the couple.  Obviously they also reinforce symmetry or whichever composition you have chosen. But it doesn’t have to be about people, it can be used in other ways too.

I hope this has given you a little to think about when you take your photos, I’m always happy to chat and discuss photography so feel free to drop me a line  to ask something or suggest something. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alix x

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